Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Wet-Weather Play Space

Following on from a successful clean out in February, I had a clear car-port to do something with.

J loves being outside, however with winter coming, we needed somewhere where he could play, but not get wet.  AND have a solutions so he wouldn't run and play in the rain, since the child is obsessed with showers.

What I am hoping to avoid throughout winter...

Grandpa very kindly bought some foam interlocking mats to go on the floor of the car-port -- which J promptly tried to play his swimming game of 'jelly on a plate' .  Doesn't work as well on concrete as it does in a pool.

After I got those down, I brought around his swing/slide set and popped that into the space.  We need some more mats, but over-all, the space seems to work.  And will be better once I get the saleable stuff on the move.

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