Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Big steps forward

Mr Trifectagirl has made big steps forward in the last 48 hours or so.

He's been moved to a room with a window, so hopefully some natural light will help his mood and get him back into a day/night rhythm.

A chest CT is showing that the mediastinitus appears cleared up/under control.

He's spending longer and longer off the ventilator, and they were going to attempt having him off over night (no update as at the time of writing).

His right foot, that seemed to have dropped off on movement, has started moving again.

An old high school friend is a kidney specialist and happens to have a couple of patients in ICU at the moment, so he always drops by and says hi whenever he's in the unit.  And basically pulling no punches, telling Mr Trifectagirl he's got a long hard road ahead for re-hab.

Two of his closer friends have started to visit, as has our Minister and some of Mr Trifectagirl's friends from church.

It's been a good Easter!

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