Sunday, 22 April 2012

Playing Funny Buggers

I received a call on Friday from the speech pathologist looking after Mr Trifectagirl. 

He's now onto solid food, but what they call a 'soft' diet, so it's the options that are easily chewable and crusts are cut of sandwiches.  Once he's eating enough, the nasal-gastric tube can be removed.

However he's turning his nose up at much of the food.  The hot meal in particular.   Not that I blame him - his long beans tonight looked a bit grey and soggy.

His mum is in a nursing home and also complains about the food.  I told Mr Trifectagirl he was turning into his mother.  THAT went down well.  Horrible wife, I am.

So I go in to the hospital and have a chat with the speech pathologist to talk about what Mr Trifectagirl likes to eat.   Not much different from what they're serving, but it's probably better when cooked at home.  Also after tonight, I should let them know what he doesn't like, such as pumpkin. 

This chat is occuring in his room, with Mr Trifectagirl listening in.  While chatting with her, I mentioned the concensus amongst friends that Mr Trifectagirl might be playing games with not cooperating with some instructions, rather than it always being a cognitive issue. 

Mr Trifectagirl responded by smiling and turning away.   Yep.  He's been playing funny buggers with the staff. 

At least they know now to tell him off!!

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