Saturday, 27 August 2011

Getting Productive

Ever since I moved into my home, I've wanted to have my garden more productive than it has been.  I've had some veggie beds, that have been reasonably productive, but I've wanted more. I'd love a mixed orchard.  But for some reason I've been too scared to plant fruit trees.  I think it's to do with the outlay and fear I'll kill them.

Plus I've had a distinct lack of room. 

That problem was recently dealt with by my father, who took to two bushes that really didn't do anything for me botanically with a chain saw.

So now, after some 9 years, I've finally got two trees after a trip to the garden centre.  I found a miniature twin-grafted stone fruit tree - peach and nectarine.  Plus I got a twin graft lemon/lime.

Now to hope I don't kill them and I get to enjoy the produce. 

Monday, 8 August 2011

Bad day at work

Yesterday we had the family lunch for my birthday.  I picked a particular restaurant as I wanted the Paella.

First, we struggled to get J's pram in without creating a hazard for waitstaff.

The Paella takes an hour - Mr Trifectagirl forgot to let me know that - he'd enquired when he made the booking.  As we were on set time for accessible transport for Mr Trifectagirl's wheelchair bound mother, we didn't order the Paella.  So I didn't have the meal I wanted for my birthday.  The poor waiter felt pretty bad about that, and tried to swing it for us - no go.

Next, I decided to order a cocktail.  Their take on a mojito.  The poor kid serving then had to tell me that they'd run out of rum.  He felt really bad, so I got my sangria on the house. 

The kitchen was slow on one of the entrees.  It was steak tartar served in a cleaned sardine tin.  Two people on the table ordered the same meal.  We think they actually had to wait for a tin to be cleaned!!

Thankfully mains and desert went off without a hitch, but I really felt sorry for the guy - he started to get more and more deflated each time he came to our table.  Particularly since Mr Trifectagirl emphasised it was my birthday lunch! 

I hope he had a better evening service.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things I've been meaning to do (August 2011)

After following a link from an on-line friend's blog a few months ago, I read the "I'm A Lazy Mom" blog.  Each month she and other readers list odd jobs they've been meaning to do.  I've decided to get on the band-wagon as I need some form of accountablility to get off my behind!

So, here we go:

1 - Clear the mending pile.  Since I have a pair of pants on the pile that's been there well over 12 months, I really should do it!!

2 - Get the shelves I bought for the toilet and baby J's room sanded, painted and up.  This requires my fathers help (Mr Trifectagirl isn't the most 'handy' of men).

3 - Do some more on the cross-stitch I bought for baby J's room.  It's sitting in the corner of the living room, taunting me.

4 - Do our wedding thank yous.  I've ordered them, and they'll hopefully be here by the end of the week. This SHOULD be acheivable!!

5 - Get my kitchen mixer tap replaced. It's been leaking a while now, so I want it fixed.  I've requested this as a birthday present from Mr Trifectagirl and my dad (one buy the tap, the other pay the plumber), so it should be done this month!!  Does outsourcing count??

Lets see how I go!