Monday, 8 August 2011

Bad day at work

Yesterday we had the family lunch for my birthday.  I picked a particular restaurant as I wanted the Paella.

First, we struggled to get J's pram in without creating a hazard for waitstaff.

The Paella takes an hour - Mr Trifectagirl forgot to let me know that - he'd enquired when he made the booking.  As we were on set time for accessible transport for Mr Trifectagirl's wheelchair bound mother, we didn't order the Paella.  So I didn't have the meal I wanted for my birthday.  The poor waiter felt pretty bad about that, and tried to swing it for us - no go.

Next, I decided to order a cocktail.  Their take on a mojito.  The poor kid serving then had to tell me that they'd run out of rum.  He felt really bad, so I got my sangria on the house. 

The kitchen was slow on one of the entrees.  It was steak tartar served in a cleaned sardine tin.  Two people on the table ordered the same meal.  We think they actually had to wait for a tin to be cleaned!!

Thankfully mains and desert went off without a hitch, but I really felt sorry for the guy - he started to get more and more deflated each time he came to our table.  Particularly since Mr Trifectagirl emphasised it was my birthday lunch! 

I hope he had a better evening service.

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