Monday, 19 September 2011

Mr Klutz

What a lovely weekend.  Stunning weather, a friend's beach house, and an opportunity to introduce Baby J to the beach and sea.  

Normally a great photo op.  However Mr Trifectagirl's good digital SLR decided it didn't want to work, so was in being repaired.

The back-up, my trusty little point and shoot digital, was the order of the day.

All good an well, except Mr Trifectagirl decided that he HAD to get shots of the kangaroo that was in the yard of the beach house on Saturday morning. 

And in obtaining the some 16 shots of the 'roo, he dropped my camera.  And broke it.  Bang goes our option for photos of Baby J's first visit to the beach.

Fortunately I remembered the camera on my phone, so we have some shots.  Not brilliant and not close-up, but we have some form of memory.

Oh, and Mr Trifectagirl also managed to drop my phone in the sand!! 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Slowly, but surely

This post explains some of my Things I've Been Meaning to Do for this month.

About 9 years ago I moved in to my little house.  3 bedrooms, open plan living/dining/kitchen, 3-way bathroom, single carport.  It was perfect for me, and I slowly, slowly replaced my student furniture with new pieces. 

Three years ago my mother suddenly passed away, followed by my step-father 6 months later.  Suddenly I inheritted half a houseful of furniture.  There was not enough room for it all - and my sister is dealing with half of it!! It turns out we also inherited my step-dad's Mother's stuff.  He'd simply packed up her house, and put it in storage on their property.

Then I met Mr Trifectagirl, when he moved in he had his stuff, plus the stuff from his parents place.  So in my little house, we now had the equivelant of about 3 households of furniture, kitchen gear, spare electric cables - the whole kit and kaboodle. 

Then Baby J was on his way.  More stuff.  And even more since he arrived!

To deal with all of this, we have a lock-up unit, which is full to the brim - but we keep squeezing in more.  The house is still over-full, but it would be so much worse without the lock-up.

My carport was also full.  So my car has lived in the drive for about 2 years.  Passing some furniture onto a student friend, plus a sizable donation to a charity helped start clearing that. So what's in the photo on my TIBMTD post for September is a massive improvement on the original!! It's still got one massive wardrobe I haven't been able to off-load, but it's a good start - although I'm thinking about re-purposing the wardrobe for crafts/sewing.  Need to think on that one.

Next place to attack as one of my TIBMTD is under the beds - we have boxes of stuff from my Mum's place.  Crockery, nick-nacks, photos, all sorts.  Baby J's rooms is the worst, so at the top of the list

We're slowly, but surely, whittling away at our piles of stuff.  I think TIBMTD will play a significant part of this project!!

Things I've Been Meaning To Do - September

My list is pretty long this month - I'm being more adventurous even though I didn't do such a great job last month.

This is the ironing pile.  I think items on the bottom are from last month.  It's not toooo bad - the clothes are piled on a chair.

Try and do somthing about my carport - my poor car has been on the street for close on 2 years now.  The wardrobe needs a new home, there's a bunch of stuff to go in hard rubish and some just needs to go in cleaner storage.

I need to deal with the donations that are on the bed in Baby J's room, and deal with the boxes of stuff from my Mum and Step-Dad's estate that are under it!

The weed mat in my vegie patch has given up the ghost, so I need to put down newspaper to smouther them, and then figure out the next step.  It's spring here, so I need to get moving on this pretty quick.

There are two hanging baskets in this picture. They are under where they need to go back up.  I just can't seem to get to it!

And from last month, I still need to do some work on the cross-stitch for Baby J's room, do the mending, get the shelves up and probably a miriad of other bits and pieces!

Here's to a productive month.

TIBMTD August - How did we go????

1 - Clear the mending pile. Since I have a pair of pants on the pile that's been there well over 12 months, I really should do it!!   Nope - didn't get there. An the number of times I wanted to wear those pants this month.....

2 - Get the shelves I bought for the toilet and baby J's room sanded, painted and up. This requires my fathers help (Mr Trifectagirl isn't the most 'handy' of men).  Sanded, but not painted or up.  But my Dad has bought the paint for the one in Baby J's room, since it's the same as their bathroom colour.

3 - Do some more on the cross-stitch I bought for baby J's room. It's sitting in the corner of the living room, taunting me.  Not touched at all.  Actually, I tell a lie.  It's no longer sitting in the living room since we got a new sofa, so I technically touched it, just didn't do any of it.

4 - Do our wedding thank yous. I've ordered them, and they'll hopefully be here by the end of the week. This SHOULD be acheivable!!  They arrived and are now just about all out - they should be finalised today.  Yippeee.

5 - Get my kitchen mixer tap replaced. It's been leaking a while now, so I want it fixed. I've requested this as a birthday present from Mr Trifectagirl and my dad (one buy the tap, the other pay the plumber), so it should be done this month!! Does outsourcing count??  Outsourced and done!!