Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Things I've Been Meaning To Do - September

My list is pretty long this month - I'm being more adventurous even though I didn't do such a great job last month.

This is the ironing pile.  I think items on the bottom are from last month.  It's not toooo bad - the clothes are piled on a chair.

Try and do somthing about my carport - my poor car has been on the street for close on 2 years now.  The wardrobe needs a new home, there's a bunch of stuff to go in hard rubish and some just needs to go in cleaner storage.

I need to deal with the donations that are on the bed in Baby J's room, and deal with the boxes of stuff from my Mum and Step-Dad's estate that are under it!

The weed mat in my vegie patch has given up the ghost, so I need to put down newspaper to smouther them, and then figure out the next step.  It's spring here, so I need to get moving on this pretty quick.

There are two hanging baskets in this picture. They are under where they need to go back up.  I just can't seem to get to it!

And from last month, I still need to do some work on the cross-stitch for Baby J's room, do the mending, get the shelves up and probably a miriad of other bits and pieces!

Here's to a productive month.

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  1. Great list! Love the ironing pile! I refuse to have an ironing pile, in our home we iron on an "as need" basis... if you need it, you iron it! :)

    Thanks for linking up!
    The Lazy Mom