Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Slowly, but surely

This post explains some of my Things I've Been Meaning to Do for this month.

About 9 years ago I moved in to my little house.  3 bedrooms, open plan living/dining/kitchen, 3-way bathroom, single carport.  It was perfect for me, and I slowly, slowly replaced my student furniture with new pieces. 

Three years ago my mother suddenly passed away, followed by my step-father 6 months later.  Suddenly I inheritted half a houseful of furniture.  There was not enough room for it all - and my sister is dealing with half of it!! It turns out we also inherited my step-dad's Mother's stuff.  He'd simply packed up her house, and put it in storage on their property.

Then I met Mr Trifectagirl, when he moved in he had his stuff, plus the stuff from his parents place.  So in my little house, we now had the equivelant of about 3 households of furniture, kitchen gear, spare electric cables - the whole kit and kaboodle. 

Then Baby J was on his way.  More stuff.  And even more since he arrived!

To deal with all of this, we have a lock-up unit, which is full to the brim - but we keep squeezing in more.  The house is still over-full, but it would be so much worse without the lock-up.

My carport was also full.  So my car has lived in the drive for about 2 years.  Passing some furniture onto a student friend, plus a sizable donation to a charity helped start clearing that. So what's in the photo on my TIBMTD post for September is a massive improvement on the original!! It's still got one massive wardrobe I haven't been able to off-load, but it's a good start - although I'm thinking about re-purposing the wardrobe for crafts/sewing.  Need to think on that one.

Next place to attack as one of my TIBMTD is under the beds - we have boxes of stuff from my Mum's place.  Crockery, nick-nacks, photos, all sorts.  Baby J's rooms is the worst, so at the top of the list

We're slowly, but surely, whittling away at our piles of stuff.  I think TIBMTD will play a significant part of this project!!

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