Sunday, 26 June 2011

Honeymoon Plans

Tomorrow morning, Mr Trifectagirl, J and I all head off on our 'little' honeymoon to Melbourne.  Forget "Honeymoon baby", baby is coming on the honeymoon!

We've had some concerns over the last week - the ash cloud from the Chilaen has disrupted flights two weeks in a row, and if it makes a third pass, it will disrupt our flight to Melbourne.

I've found some things I didn't think to think about when booking accommodation.  We've booked into a 5-star hotel, non-refundable booking.  And in the last couple of days I've thought of 'how do we heat bottles?' (room service, apparently), and now 'how do we sterilize bottles?' - we're going to take the equipment, but will probably not sterilize for a few days.

I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Getting my Vitamin D

We have a glorious day today.  Crisp and cool, but bright blue skies.  Finally, after a dreary start to winter. 

About a month ago my father kindly trimmed two bushes in my yard for me.  Trimmed with  a chainsaw. Which made for a rather large amount of prunings to be dealt with.

I was able to get one lot in the green rubbish collection that week, but not the full load.  And it's taken all this time to get the last of it binned up to go to the verge for collection tomorrow.  I've also been able to deal with some of the grass that has invaded the garden beds.  Overall, my back yard looks a whole lot neater.

Since the weather is lovely, I put J in his rocker, covered him with a blankie, and took him out with me.  He's been rather cranky today, but once I got him out, he settled quitely and watched the clouds in the sky and me potter around him.  Mr Trifectagirl and I really need to get him out in the sunshine and fresh air more than we currently do.

I still need to get the front yard done, especially the roses, but that can wait for an empty bin tomorrow.

But for the mean time I must make further use of this weather, and get through the mountain of laundry I have!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

What's next???

The wedding is over.  After about 18 months of planning, I am experiencing the flatness I was fore-warned about.  Most couples may jump into their next project of baby-making, however we've been there, done that.  So I don't know what to do!!

The day went really well, with only two glitches - the organist had the wrong time and the MP3 player 'lost' our first dance song, so we went with the first thing that seemed reasonable!! 

I was really pleased how the whole thing went.

My hair and makeup were amazing, dress was gorgeous, my brides maids were a fantastic help.

The splashes of orange around the wedding - flowers, veil edge, additional net under my dress, centerpieces - all worked really well.  It was fun catching up with everyone, and I tried hard to get to everyone (but I know I missed quite a few!! - I hope they forgive me).  

It was lovely being married by a minister we know, in our 'home'.  We really felt that he loved marrying a couple he knew, rather than a couple who picked his church.  It was a really quick service - about 25 minutes all up!

Baby J however was rather bored with the whole affair. He slept through the ceremony (probably a good thing), and through the reception.  And woke up when we got back to our hotel room, and then partied by blowing raspberries at the ceiling for a couple of hours (while Mr Trifectagirl and I lay there giggling at him, but kinda hoping he'd go to sleep so we could after a long and tiring day!)

Now to wait a month or so for the professional photos!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

In 48 Hours...

In 48 hours I'll be just about ready to head to the church to marry Mr Trifectagirl.  The weather forecast is rain in the morning and cool.  We've had late cancellations., and we've had a change in cars due to mechanical issues.

And as of this morning, FMIL doesn't seem pleased with some of the plans. 

We had intended to fund the wedding, and a European Honeymoon ourselves.  However, as Mr Trifectagirl's been out of work for about a year, we have considerable budgetary constraints and in order to get assistance from my parents to fund the wedding, we've had to drop things we wanted to do totalling about 1/3 of the original budget.  Part of the cull included the coursages for FMIL and my step-mother, and flowers for the reception.  The lack of coursage is what seems to have miffed FMIL.  We're also not getting our big honeymoon, which would have been over and above the wedding costs.

Thankfully our florist includes a throw-away bouquet for me, and a spare button hole for Mr Trifectagirl, so we'll give her one of those (but haven't told her this).  We'll make the call on the day.  I'm thinking the spare button hole pinned to her jacket since my father is getting one. 

Having baby J really has realy  helps deciding on what is really important, and what isn't. The biggest thing I've learned in the planning, is that the most important thing is that we're married at the end of it.