Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Getting my Vitamin D

We have a glorious day today.  Crisp and cool, but bright blue skies.  Finally, after a dreary start to winter. 

About a month ago my father kindly trimmed two bushes in my yard for me.  Trimmed with  a chainsaw. Which made for a rather large amount of prunings to be dealt with.

I was able to get one lot in the green rubbish collection that week, but not the full load.  And it's taken all this time to get the last of it binned up to go to the verge for collection tomorrow.  I've also been able to deal with some of the grass that has invaded the garden beds.  Overall, my back yard looks a whole lot neater.

Since the weather is lovely, I put J in his rocker, covered him with a blankie, and took him out with me.  He's been rather cranky today, but once I got him out, he settled quitely and watched the clouds in the sky and me potter around him.  Mr Trifectagirl and I really need to get him out in the sunshine and fresh air more than we currently do.

I still need to get the front yard done, especially the roses, but that can wait for an empty bin tomorrow.

But for the mean time I must make further use of this weather, and get through the mountain of laundry I have!!

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