Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Year 2

I am now over all the firsts since Mr Trifectagirl passed on 14 June 2012; birthdays, Christmas, Mr Trifectagirl getting sick, our wedding anniversary (4 June) and his passing.

The hardest period was the anniversary of him getting sick in March.  Over the course of a month, I accessed psychology services, was advised to leave my job and I dropped both travel plans and subjects at university to relieve the pressure I was under and free up the mental space to grieve.   A couple of months later, and I'm feeling a lot better.

The passing anniversary last Friday was the second hardest and has manifested itself as an inability to focus on anything for about a week around the date. Especially difficult to focus on was my accounting textbook and exam review (exam was yesterday, I think I'll pass, but don't quote me on it...).

So now, J and I are marching into year 2 without Mr Trifectagirl.