Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kissing Babies

Mr Trifectagirl is actively involved at the local level with the Australian Labor Party.  The Federal Cabinet, including the Prime Minister, today held local community consultations, followed by a "meet and greet" for party faithful this evening.  Mr Trifectagirl wanted to go, wanted me to go, and for us to take J.  So I agreed to go.

Once the Prime Minister actually arrived and walked into the room, it didn't take long for her to see baby J, a bee-line was made for us.  The proverbial polititian kissing babies - even if it was an in-house event.

The funny thing was, J and I were watching the Prime Minister on the news just prior to leaving.  And when she came over to us at the event, it seemed J actually recognised her! 

Other than that, I personally found it a pretty dull afair.  My mother was active in the other side of politics, so I grew up being dragged to these sorts of events.  Different political persuasion, but same old type of event.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

23 Days and Counting...

My wedding is in 23 days.  Now where are we at??

The final bridesmaid's dress arrived from the USA this morning, which is a weight off!   I still need to make wraps for the girls, who chose strapless/shoestring strap cocktail dresses for a mid-winter wedding.  My dress is with the dressmaker for alterations, and she is also making my veil.  I had hoped to make my own, but I do not have the skill to sew such a fine material.

My florist is set, make up artist booked, we're basically at final payments stage for the cake, cars and reception.  For bonboneirie we've opted to do donations to two charities: Oxfam Unwrapped and Small Change for Change.

We still need to buy the paper to print the Orders of Service, but the content is ready.

RSVPs close tomorrow - and we still have a reasonable number to reply.  We get the fun job of picking the menu tomorrow morning and getting table lay-outs finalised.

I'm still waiting on my necklace to arrive at the store, and then I need to find earings to go with it.  I had found a pair I loved, but unfortunately they don't colour match to our grey and orange colour scheme.  On the up side, our wedding bands have been made, and are stunning! 

Mr Trifectagirl and I need to do a recon mission for photography locations.  We have a few ideas that are not your usual locations for our city, it's just a case of when we go to what location.  Plus we need inclement weather options! 

Looks like we're just about there!