Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lost & found

Thursday I lost my sun hat walking to my car after leaving the cricket for the day.

Friday I found it on a fence near my Dad's place, which is where the car was parked.  I was extremely grateful for that as I hate hat shopping.  I rarely find anything I like and comes any way near suiting me.  But being a cricket fan in Australia, a good sun hat is a necessity.

Then on Saturday morning cleaning out the bag/seat cushion I only take to the cricket I found my lost watch. 

The watch I lost some 5 years ago.  

I obviously need to clean it out more often!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kitchen Rennovations Update

Two weeks and I'll have extra storage!!!

Getting quotes from other trade suppliers (sparky, plasterer and security system company) caused a bit of a delay in getting approved plans and deposit back to the cabinet makers.  I didn't want to book in the cabinetry without knowing the full cost of the project.  Especially since the sparky will cost a bit more than I was anticipating.

I have painting to get done still, but by the end of the month I'll be able to get an awful lot of stuff off my bench tops and have a neater looking kitchen.  Plus I'll have a reason to pull everything out of the existing cupboards and do a de-clutter.

And I'll have my practical power point, just in time to plug in my stand-mixer for the bulk of my Christmas baking!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Here it is acceptable for Christmas decorating to start once Santa has arrived as part of the Christmas Pageant. 

Santa took up residence at the Magic Cave on Saturday, so it's decorating time!

Our new tree went up while watching the live broadcast, along with some other nick-knacks around the house.  I decided to treat myself to a new tree this year.  I've had an older 6 foot tree for years, but wanted something new.

I went with a 7 foot tree, with glitter on the end of the branches.  This was somewhat of a mistake as the glitter is going EVERYWHERE.  But I like the overall height and look.

I also bought a new decorating item I'd seen a couple of years ago on the internet - a Yuleahoop.*  It's worked really well for hanging the bead and my very fat tinsel on the tree.

Having gone from a six footer to a seven footer, it's a bit sparse for my liking.  But J is probably going to start bringing home decorations he makes himself, so I should probably leave room for them...

*I did not receive a yuleahoop to trial, and the opinions are my own.  I will say that the company gave me excellent customer service while we negotiated international shipping.