Monday, 19 September 2011

Mr Klutz

What a lovely weekend.  Stunning weather, a friend's beach house, and an opportunity to introduce Baby J to the beach and sea.  

Normally a great photo op.  However Mr Trifectagirl's good digital SLR decided it didn't want to work, so was in being repaired.

The back-up, my trusty little point and shoot digital, was the order of the day.

All good an well, except Mr Trifectagirl decided that he HAD to get shots of the kangaroo that was in the yard of the beach house on Saturday morning. 

And in obtaining the some 16 shots of the 'roo, he dropped my camera.  And broke it.  Bang goes our option for photos of Baby J's first visit to the beach.

Fortunately I remembered the camera on my phone, so we have some shots.  Not brilliant and not close-up, but we have some form of memory.

Oh, and Mr Trifectagirl also managed to drop my phone in the sand!! 

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