Tuesday, 6 September 2011

TIBMTD August - How did we go????

1 - Clear the mending pile. Since I have a pair of pants on the pile that's been there well over 12 months, I really should do it!!   Nope - didn't get there. An the number of times I wanted to wear those pants this month.....

2 - Get the shelves I bought for the toilet and baby J's room sanded, painted and up. This requires my fathers help (Mr Trifectagirl isn't the most 'handy' of men).  Sanded, but not painted or up.  But my Dad has bought the paint for the one in Baby J's room, since it's the same as their bathroom colour.

3 - Do some more on the cross-stitch I bought for baby J's room. It's sitting in the corner of the living room, taunting me.  Not touched at all.  Actually, I tell a lie.  It's no longer sitting in the living room since we got a new sofa, so I technically touched it, just didn't do any of it.

4 - Do our wedding thank yous. I've ordered them, and they'll hopefully be here by the end of the week. This SHOULD be acheivable!!  They arrived and are now just about all out - they should be finalised today.  Yippeee.

5 - Get my kitchen mixer tap replaced. It's been leaking a while now, so I want it fixed. I've requested this as a birthday present from Mr Trifectagirl and my dad (one buy the tap, the other pay the plumber), so it should be done this month!! Does outsourcing count??  Outsourced and done!!

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