Saturday, 27 August 2011

Getting Productive

Ever since I moved into my home, I've wanted to have my garden more productive than it has been.  I've had some veggie beds, that have been reasonably productive, but I've wanted more. I'd love a mixed orchard.  But for some reason I've been too scared to plant fruit trees.  I think it's to do with the outlay and fear I'll kill them.

Plus I've had a distinct lack of room. 

That problem was recently dealt with by my father, who took to two bushes that really didn't do anything for me botanically with a chain saw.

So now, after some 9 years, I've finally got two trees after a trip to the garden centre.  I found a miniature twin-grafted stone fruit tree - peach and nectarine.  Plus I got a twin graft lemon/lime.

Now to hope I don't kill them and I get to enjoy the produce. 

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