Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things I've been meaning to do (August 2011)

After following a link from an on-line friend's blog a few months ago, I read the "I'm A Lazy Mom" blog.  Each month she and other readers list odd jobs they've been meaning to do.  I've decided to get on the band-wagon as I need some form of accountablility to get off my behind!

So, here we go:

1 - Clear the mending pile.  Since I have a pair of pants on the pile that's been there well over 12 months, I really should do it!!

2 - Get the shelves I bought for the toilet and baby J's room sanded, painted and up.  This requires my fathers help (Mr Trifectagirl isn't the most 'handy' of men).

3 - Do some more on the cross-stitch I bought for baby J's room.  It's sitting in the corner of the living room, taunting me.

4 - Do our wedding thank yous.  I've ordered them, and they'll hopefully be here by the end of the week. This SHOULD be acheivable!!

5 - Get my kitchen mixer tap replaced. It's been leaking a while now, so I want it fixed.  I've requested this as a birthday present from Mr Trifectagirl and my dad (one buy the tap, the other pay the plumber), so it should be done this month!!  Does outsourcing count??

Lets see how I go!

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  1. Love your outsourcing! It TOTALLY counts!

    Thanks for linking up!
    The Lazy Mom