Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thankfully Not a Widow

Mr Trifectagirl celebrated his 46th birthday on St Patricks Day, March 17.  Unfortunately he also suffered the most significant/dangerous complication of a heart procedure that he had had about 4 weeks prior. 

Then he had a stroke as a complication to the complication.

The primary complication damn near killed him and I fully expected to be a widow at the close of March 18.  Thankfully he survived an only option, experimental procedure that saved his life.

Three weeks down the track and we are still in Intensive Care and progressing very, very slowly.  We'll be there for a number of weeks still.

Now that I'm more settled, I plan to blog my ICU experience, and our recovery/rehab experience and finding myself very suddenly, effectively a single mum to an energetic one year old boy. 


  1. (((hugs)) Keeping you all in our prayers.

  2. I'm thinking of you all every day and hope with each day it keeps getting better

  3. praying for strength for you and mr trifectagirl to get through this.

  4. Thinking of you,and hoping recovery continues to go well.

  5. OMG - was wondering why you hadn't blogged lately. Thinking of you and hoping Mr T's recovery continues to progress well.