Sunday, 8 April 2012

How our life journey changed - part 1

A large group of friends headed out for lunch on March 17 for Mr Trifectagirl's birthday.  A celebration that had been a year in the planning.

Half way through, he appeared to be coming down with a fever, but we continued on.  He eventually asked to be taken to hospital, an hour or so away.  So we quickly got packed up and I took him to the main hospital.  I made it to the hospital in 40 minutes.  I won't be surprised if speeding fines appear at some point.

On arival at the emergency department, Mr Trifectagirl went weak just inside the doors, and I couldn't hold him and J, so down he went.  On his face.  Breaking his nose.  I feel bad that my first thought after he was stableised was 'Doesn't matter if his glasses are broken, he ordered new ones Wednesday'.

Family came and got J for me, and I stayed with Mr Trifectagirl for about two hours before I headed home to feed J and rest.  We're used to emergency with his ongoing heart issues, and it didn't seem too bad at that time.  So home I went.   I called and checked in at about 9:30, and he had dehydrated, and they thought he'd go to the high dependancy unit.

At 3am I got a call from the hospital saying Mr Trifectagirl was in the Intensive Care Unit  - NOT where I was expecting him to go.   

Of course, a phone call to my dad, who thankfully lives between our home and the hospital, to look after J, and I was in there about 4am.  I stayed until 6 as they were taking him for scans.  At that point they thought it was an infected gall bladder that required getting an infection under control and surgery to remove it once he's stable - red herring #1.

I returned at about 10am.  and not long after he took a very dramatic turn for the worse.  And that's when everything turned up-side down.

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