Friday, 3 August 2012


One thing that has been driving me nuts pretty much since Mr Trifectagirl moved in to my house is the lack of storage in the kitchen. Particularly since we both suffer from serious cases of 'ohhh new kitchen gadget'.  His was worse than mine. 

Since late last year, we've been working on getting quotes to get some cabinetry retro-fitted into the kitchen to add more hidden storage and get the microwave off the bench top.  That's the bare minimum we've (well I'VE) wanted done.  I'm getting a second option quoted, too.  But I'm suspecting that will be way out of reach financially.

We hadn't had much success getting anyone to actually give us figures.  We had a few people measure, but they never got quotes to us. 

Thankfully the company that manufactured and installed the original cabinets had left a sticker inside one of the drawers, and they came out to quote today.  With any luck, I'll actually have a quote in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Strange that people would take the time to come and measure but not provide a quote...hope you get one from the folks that came out today!