Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dangerous and unsentimental

Mr Trifectagirl with his cardiac issues was on a plethora of drugs.  Since he passed, one thing I've been wanting to do is get them out of the house - they're pretty dangerous.  Particularly with a curious monkey of a 17 month old running (ummm climbing) all over the place.

They were stored in a kid-proof medicine box, but I knew I'd be far more comfortable with them completely out of the house.   

I finally felt up to that task last week.  I also cleared out my out of date meds such as uncompleted courses of antibiotics and even some drugs left over from the pregnancy.

I took the safest method of disposal - took them to the pharmacy for them to dispose of.  Much safer than dumping them down the loo.

My niece (step-mum's granddaughter) has started a bridging course to get into university this week, so I've also handed over some of the stationary stockpile Mr Trifectagirl had accumulated.  It's unsentimental stuff, and he'd be thrilled to be helping her in her studies in a small way.

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  1. Good for you for taking these small steps...it has to be so hard but liberating at the same time.