Monday, 2 January 2012

Plan of Attack

A whole new year - a new set of short to mid-term goals.  I find goal setting far more achievable than resolutions - I've had a perennial resolution of drinking more water, and have failed year after year.  But when I set goals and write a plan (and keep reviewing said plan) I get there - often ahead of the target date. 

So here we go for goals for 2012.

House:  After making sure most of the house was clean and tidy - especially the kitchen table - for January 1 Mr Trifectagirl agreed that it was really nice to get up to a tidy space.  As such, Mr Trifectagirl and I have agreed we need to get some systems and routines in place.  For a few years I used Flylady, which worked really well for me, but fell over when various people moved in and out of my place and I struggled to keep it going.    I plan to educate Mr Trifectagirl on that particular system and put it back in place.  The advantage of this system is it's set up to be gradually implemented, rather than an all in.   Our biggest issue is a lack of space, and Mr Trifectagirl using our kitchen table as a desk - and boy does he have a paper monster.  That is one thing we want to tame this year.

Work: I know I'll need to find a new job early in the year - there are a few up in my old field at the moment I have to get applications written for, so hopefully by the end of the week I'll have applied for about 5 roles, plus I should hear during the week how I went on an initial phone interview for a role just before Christmas.

Mr Trifectagirl has a few assignments to finish on his qualifications, and hopefully he'll find something quickly once he has the bits of paper to support his experience.

Money:  We also need to review finances, budgeting and financial goals.  I've been investigating Dave Ramsey's system in a bit more detail, having used some of the techniques successfully in the past to deal with utility bill blow-outs, so we may look at implementing that in more detail. 

We'd really love to move and do up an older property, so we'll work towards that too.  I also need to really push the guy looking after my step-father's estate to get the last of my sister and I's inheritance issued and put a very crappy 2008 finally behind us - the delay is quite frankly ridiculous - and that's taking into account the unique circumstances of this estate!  That will give us a good deposit for a new home.

So, here's to a fantastic and successful 2012.

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