Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TIBMTD - December Wrap

I did ok this month, and am really glad I did the number one item!!

1 - De-clutter my bathroom cupboards. There's a whole heap of stuff that can just plain go in there. I also need to do the medicine cupboards and clear out all the out of date stuff.  Once I got the cupboard cleared, I found a leak that's done some damage to the cupboard.  On the list to be repaired.  I also got the master bedroom cleared, and part of the kitchen/dining area - all in all, very productive!

2 - Work on my budget for 2012. This seriously slipped this year, so I want to gain control back.  I didn't get to a budget, but I've bought a copy of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, which should arrive soon.   DH's on board, we just need to get our heads around a system.  We're working on cash as much as possible.

3 - Sort out freezer, and maybe try a few crock-pot freezer meals from pinterest.   One of our two freezers had a problem with keeping it's door closed, so we lost soooo much meat, plus the two remaining layers of our wedding cake.  Very miffede about this.  So the freezer sort-out is now a dump (we've been doing it gradually).  The crock-meals will progress to January.

Ok, probably not so much of a good month - but tasks got done one way or another!

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