Saturday, 14 January 2012

Little boys and animals

We have a deal with my father and step-mum - for Christmas they pay for a family zoo membership which gets us into the Adelaide and Monarto Zoos all year.  Bonus for us is it's a non-cluttering gift - the membership cards sit in Mr Trifectagirl and I's wallets.

Bonus for the givers is the renewal comes due in August, so it technically spreads out their Christmas expenditure.

Baby J and I went in for an hour this afternoon.  He enjoyed being out and about in his trike much more than actually being at the zoo, so it was a pretty quick visit.  The advantage of membership - we can go as often as we like!!  He's really not gotten the whole concept of animals yet, so he didn't get too excited about the whole experience.  Except the giraffs (he could see them from his trike - they're much taller than the fence!)  and some monkeys - he likes monkeys since he won a spider-monkey toy at the Zoo Christmas Picnic last year (who Mum has named Cuddles as Baby J always give him cuddles).

We need to get into going in far more frequently - it's an easy way of killing a couple of hours, give him some fun and get some excersise for ourselves!

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  1. Best part of a zoo membership (Santa brings family membership each year) is that the zoos have receiprocal(?) arrangements with most zoos in Australia - we got into Taronga for free last year.