Saturday, 24 December 2011

Adult Assembly Required

I grew up with out any consistant Christmas traditions.  I don't think I actually missed out on anything, but they're weren't things that we always did or had that we'd look forward too.  I remember my mum made chocolate cherries each year, but there's not much else that sticks out.

I want to do things differently for Baby J.  I want to assemble a collection of traditions and practices that will mean Christmas to J and any future children.

So we have "Elf on the Shelf" - still un-named and didn't get up to any mischief this year, but I have photos of J with it for his first Christmas.

We'll go to childrens service at our usual church tonight, and hopefully the Brewery Riverbank Lights on the way home.

I'd like to start stockings, but next year for that.

Tomorrow we have a single family lunch. Mr Trifectagirl's mother is in residential care, so we're springing her from the home and she will join my Dad and Step-mum and us for lunch at Dad's place. And sister dear may well come, too which is most unlike her.

Food wise, I have a couple of types of cookie that I've made regularlly over the last 20 years which I'll keep up, and maybe add a simple sugar cookie or gingerbread man that kids can decorate for family/friends. Plus the last few years I've made "pudding" muffins, which we'll probably have for breakfast since we have a Christmas Cake and a Pudding that Mr Trifectagirl won in a raffle!

My Mum made a variation on Jamie Oliver's Christmas Bombe for a number of years before she passed, and I'd like to start that again, too.  I may also re-instate her chocolate cherries - glace cherries (brandy-soaked and 'kidsafe' versions), coated in chocolate.

Oh, and I'll try not to get gifts which have any variation of the phrase '(some/adult) Assembly Required' on the box!!! A BBQ for Mr Trifectagirl - set and ready for use on Boxing Day, a toy box, a bike and a swing/slide set are all on the 'assembly' list this year.  Lesson learned - possibly more so later tonight as I get frustrated with constructing the swing/slide!!

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