Saturday, 10 December 2011

TIBMTD - November Wrap

How did I go this month...

I need to make my Neurnberger Lebkuchen since I didn't get it done in October.  Done!! and they'll be eaten by the end of the month.

We bought some storage cubes that need to be put together so I can keep all the extra stuff Mr Trifectagirl buys!!  Done, and slowling filling the shelves.

 I still need to get the shelf for Baby J's room painted and up.  Grandpa kindly painted the shelf, and we are all surprised at how pale it is.  Back to the drawing board!!
My wedding flowers are back from being dried, so I need to arrange to get them framed with a few other momentos from the wedding.  All with the framer, should be back mid-January.

A reasonably successful month!

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