Saturday, 26 November 2011


This past Thursday was Thanksgiving day in the US.  I experienced Thanksgiving in 1991 when I lived in California, but it was a pretty simple day with my host family.
Reading Facebook posts, blog posts, it's a holiday I wish we had.  Unless you follow a religion and express your thanks during worship, we in Australia don't really have a national 'be thankful' day.  Some may use Christmas or Easter or other religious holiday, maybe ANZAC Day serves the purpose for some, but a day to reflect and be Thankful would benefit the country, I believe. I appreciate it's an historical holiday, based in the country's formation and therefore not really 'transportable', but I'd prefer Thanksgiving to have travelled here rather than Halloween.

There are some elements of Thanksgiving I don't want - it seems like an opportunity for extra family drama.  Getting the meal right for Thanksgiving seems to be more critical than getting the Christmas meal right and there's inordinant pressure on the host household.  Mind you, I've morphed green bean casserole to Christmas (and general use, actually), and want to sneak in marshmallow sweet potato - but Mr Trifectagirl's cardiologist would have his own heart attack with that one!

So, taking the opportunity, I am thankful for...

Mr Trifectagirl - the moment I saw him my reaction was 'that's him'.  And as much as we drive each other up the wall and tease each other, I love him to death.

Baby J - Baby J is an IVF baby. I'm thankful I had knowledge through BPW Australia's Think Fertility project, that I knew when to start asking questions and advocating for ourselves.  I'm thankful it only took two cycles to get Baby J, and I had an easy pregnancy (Mr Trifectagirl didn't, but I did ;)) 

My Friends, both on line and off.  I've got a great circle of US friends that I've made on-line.  In combination, we've shared infertility and babies and our lives.  We'll circle the wagons when needed much more than off-line friends seem to.   My off-line friends are a small group, and I we don't touch base as much as we should, but have events in place to ensure we do. 

My Job- I love where I work, it's a fantastic program that allows me to learn about all sorts of topics from world experts I never would become involved in otherwise. 

My House - as much as the lack of space is driving me completely bonkers, I'm thankful I have a roof over my head and am able to keep a roof over my family's head.  I just gotta solve this space problem! 

Rolling onto Christmas - decos will be out this weekend, and our Elf on the Shelf should arrive from the North Pole Thursday!

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