Sunday, 6 November 2011

TIBMTD - October Wrap

1 - Get those shelves up. The toilet one is now at least painted, and the plan today is to re-paint the room ready for it.  Done!!

2 - Sort out my office area and go through paperwork. The piles of paperwork is driving me nuts, and I need to make space for DH's as well.  Done, finally.

3- Not a meaning to do, but due this month - start baking my christmas cookies. They need a couple of months to mature.  I didn't get togetting a new oven and having it installed. Next weekend seems like a possible time, however. this - my oven died, so part of the month was spent getting that fixed.
4 - put more of the boxes around the place into storage - if there is room in the lock-up.  Got one box of baby clothes put away.  We also bought a modular system to make better use of closet space.

5 - cut and sew pants for Baby J - need to do this soon before he out-grows the size I've cut in the pattern!!  Done, and they'll hopefully fit for a month or so. These little people grow so quickly!

A pretty productive month all up -  I'm pleased.

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