Saturday, 29 December 2012

Seasonal Run-Around

I've made it part-way through my first holiday season without Mr Trifectagirl. 

I'd hoped to be able to keep all the things Mr Trifectagirl and I did last year with J, but some I decided against on practical grounds.  And of course best laid plans and all that...

I'd hoped to go to our Zoo's member picnic held on the first Sunday in December, like we did last year, but just wasn't up to dealing with J on my own in that environment.  It is at least a two-adult event at the moment.  Instead we went to our church's annual street party which directly clashes with the picnic.   

On December 14th, which was the 6 month anniversary of Mr Trifectagirl's passing, I had hoped to take J to see a particular light display we went to last year - I'd really like it to become a tradition of that's what we do that day. But of course the stress of the anniversary had me sick with bronchitis and sinusitis.    My sister, her 10 week old son, J and I finally got there on the 21st.

The anniversary was hard - I was sick, over-tired because J was sick, and work circumstances lead to a massive amount of pressure.  So not so unexpectedly I had a melt-down and am now on a 3 week break (it was only going to be 10 days) to recharge. 

Also on December 14th our Elf arrived.  I must say, having to only come up with 10 hiding ideas makes this a good date to choose!  After a couple of days J got the concept and started looking each morning for where the elf had moved to. It was cute to watch him check the last couple of places before he found it.   The elf is still unnamed - we'll do that next year. 

One of my uni crowds had our usual pre-Christmas catch up on the weekend before Christmas.  J loves water so was happy as a clam once he figured out the slip-n-slide that was set up to deal with the 39C temps.  The next morning he also started copying one of the older children's bowling action.

Christmas Eve was spent catching up with friends and J performing in the church children's nativity.  Unfortunately for me during the rehearsals he discovered the organ niche, so kept making a bee-line for it. We usually sit up the back, so there are plenty of people to catch him if he makes a break for it one Sunday!

Christmas Day started with pancakes and gifts for J- he was rather spoilt, but I kept it relatively in check with the 4 gift rule of something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.  His stocking had a bit more stuff in it, and I won't go as overboard next year.  The Christmas morning church service was followed by a lovely long lunch - once my MIL's access cab showed up.

Boxing Day my sister and I brought forward our usual "get each other tickets to a musical" gift and went to see Les Mis.  Both loving the musical, we enjoyed it, but also had some critiques.

Last night I caught up with a bunch of girlfriends and another friend on his biannual trip home from London over dinner.  Good food, good company and a lovely night all up.  Topped off with J staying at the grandparents place, so I got to sleep in! 

I just have New Years Eve to get through now, which will be spent with friends.  Then I start the first calendar year without Mr Trifectagirl.


  1. Big hugs to you! The six month anniversary so close to Christmas - it's no wonder you had a melt-down. Thinking of you as you approach the new year.

  2. the 4 gift rule of something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.

    I've never come across that rule before, and love it! Will definitely remember it.