Thursday, 13 December 2012

Crafting Before the Melbourne Test

After reading various craft blogs and spending a bit of time on Pinterest this year, I've done a few crafty things this Christmas. 

First cab off the rank was the interchangeable wreath by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  This pin  lead me to following her blog and start aiming to get the study/craft room decluttered enough so I can actually get to my sewing machine.

Gift wise, I used J's toddler scribble to make MIL's gift for this year.

Then I've made memento Christmas Stockings for both J and his baby cousin M.  As J is older, I've been able to add a 'cruck' as this year's addition, since they're a minor obsession (major obsession is buses):

I love that these will grow with the boys and tell their story as they get older.  It was quite sentimental to use my grandmother's pinking shears to make something for the great-grandchildren she never knew (and probably though would never come).  Pity they're not that ergonomic - my hand was killing me by the end!

I've also made the 'write on a cheap ball with a sharpie' ornament, listing major events (Mr Trifectagirl's illness and passing is front and centre, since that's the dominant event of the year), how old we each turned, my hobbies and activities for the year, what J likes at the moment and where we went on holidays.
Sorry about photo quality on this one.  One of my plans for 2013 is to learn how to use Mr Trifectagirl's DSLR properly - and fix it when J changes the settings on me!!

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