Saturday, 8 December 2012


At home, J spends a lot of time inside.  Our yard just isn't as interesting as Grandpa's.

One thing I've been wanting to get him as an enticement to go outside is a basketball hoop - one of the adjustable plastic ones.  But I since I've already got his Christmas gifts, I haven't been able to justify the expense, even with his birthday not far behind Christmas.

Driving towards Grandpa and Anjeanie's house a coulple of weeks ago, a lady was putting a bunch of stuff out for hard rubbish collection.

The pile was dominated by one of the hoops, which was in pretty good nick.  So I took it!!  Along with a little art table/seat thing.  And promptly unloaded them both at Grandpa's house, which is where we were heading at the time.

Grandpa and Anjeanie hold a 'big bash' back yard party leading up to Christmas each year, which happened to be the day after.  They were concerned about not having anything for few kids who are coming to play with. 

Perfect timing.  A bit of a clean, and the hoop was good to go.

J's taken to it and loves trying to get his soccer ball up through the hoop from below. It will probably come here in January some time

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  1. What a fabulous find! I bet he'll love it for a long time to come.