Tuesday, 25 September 2012

School Ties

Friday night I attended my 20 year Australian high school reunion.  Or as Mr Trifectagirl used to say 'Girls College'.

Thanks to facebook, many of us caught up a number of years ago, but this was a mile-stone reunion that far-flung classmates made the effort to travel back home to attend.   

Watching the interactions at the reunion and the noise level from the chatter that hasn't decreased with time (seriously, how did our teachers cope??!?!?), it felt like there hadn't been 20 odd years since we were all in a room together. Including those of us there that left the school before the end of high-school, or came in later years. 

It was really wonderful to see how successful we've all been in whatever we've gone on in life to do - professional careers, personal interests, personal lives and parenthood. 

Parents often consider how the school they select for their children can contribute to their child's future success - class sizes, facilities, choice of subjects, extra-curricular opportunities, final exam results, university acceptances, and so on.

Although this was and is a good school on many of those criteria, getting together got me thinking.

Maybe not only the reasons our parents sent us to this school contributed to our indivudial successes later in life, but the thing that is simply luck of the draw - the fortuitous mix of personalities, skills interests and talents that our class was.  

To the ladies of SDPC Class of '92 - congratulations on all we've achieved so far, and here's to every success for the next 20 years.