Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Eat the Freezer Month

When I moved into my house, one of the first things I bought was a second hand upright freezer.  We managed to find the same model that my dad has (and must have had through a lot of my child hood), and they're both still going strong.

One blog I read, The Year of Less, does a 'month' as part of their move to a simple life.  Last month was 'eat your pantry' month.  This month the writer is reading a particular passage of scripture each day.  They also do daily activities tossing excess hand whisks, plastic storage containers and sorting through clothing - you know, those things with the inexplicable ability to multiply like rabbits in your cupboard when you're not looking.

My pantry is ok (mental note: check supplies for Christmas baking...),  but my two upright freezers really need to be emptied. 

Yesterday I defrosted the inside freezer.  The outside one is newer and thankfully doesn't need defrosting.

And once again I decided that I really, really need to knock down the contents.  I do this every time I defrost.

Some of the contents was tossed due to freezer burn, but I have a lot of ready made meals, or partially made meals in there. 

And broad beans I froze from the garden last year.  This year's crop is already close to picking.  Prombles*.

Since J and I ate the soup that defrosted yesterday as it was well and truly stuck with frost that I had no choice but to let it defrost along with the freezer, I figure an 'eat your freezer month' is in order.

Hopefully I can then consolidate to one freezer, and bring the newer non-frosting one inside and put the frosting one outside as the back-up.

So the plan is to use in a meal at least one thing from the freezer a day for October. 

*this spelling is intentional.  A long-standing joke from a friend's English teacher mum who had a student once write 'I have prombles with my spelling'.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! I'm sure you'll find some gems in there =)