Monday, 3 September 2012

Father's Day Gift Box

Yesterday evening, Father's Day, I started clearing out the boxes I finally retrieved from the storage lock-up.  The plan is to chip away at it by doing a couple of boxes a week.

Of course the first one I open contained Mr Trifectagirl's day-planners, which also operated as a very sporadic journal. 

Since they go back to the early 1980s (including some school diaries!!) they're something I can't ditch.  At least not yet.  There's too much of him in there that will be useful for J to know his dad.

I also have a project idea brewing, but it will be a time-intensive one.  And is simply added to the end of the queue of project ideas I wish to undertake.

So much for the plan of going through and getting rid off stuff. At least box #2 was more successful on that side - I didn' keep anywhere near as much of that.

I like that I made this discovery on what would have been Mr Trifectagirl's 2nd Father's Day.  It wasn't really a sad moment, but a heartwarming one. 

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  1. Happy you found some wonderful memories that will help John know his daddy =) Good luck going through the rest of the boxes!