Friday, 8 July 2011

My Bridget Jones Day

Ok, today has been somewhat Bridget Jones-ish.

First, we've had an ongoing problem with our fridge.  The door just wouldn't stay shut, was it was working overtime to keep cool and as a result, freezing everything at the back. 

Our first solution was to put on a baby lock, This worked for some 6-7 months.  It was the first baby-safety product we bought.  But in the last couple of weeks, this has started to be ineffective.

So today we finally got a fridge-guy out to figure out the problem.

He did. 


The old set up:

And he did this:

Yes, he shifted a tub to the middle so it didn't jam against the drinks holder in the door.  And charged $77 for the privelidge.  Mr Trifectagirl and I feel pretty stupid that we didn't figure this out in about 12 months!!

Then my day got better. 

We menu-plan in our house.  It means we know what we're having and the grocery shopping list and expense is kept under control.  Tonight is a soup with Chorizo sausage, fennel, carrot, chickpeas and celary.  I've made it before and it's lovely. 

We have a friend who regularly gives us veggies out of his garden, and the last bundle included a fennel and a rather large carrot.  Bonus, I think, I can use these in the soup (actually, the menu was planned knowing these were in the fridge).  Now, this rather large carrot happend to be a purple variety.

Little did I know, purple carrots bleed.  A lot.  A bit like fresh beetroot.   My bright, colourful soup now looks quite interesing.  The stock is purple, the veggies and chickpeas are a purple-grey colour.

Fortunately the flavour still seems ok.

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