Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Grandparent and Playgroup Fun

Grandpa and Auntie J have been away for about a month, and they arived home today.  They were amazed at how much J has changed in that time.  They've been in Scandinavia, and bought J home a beanie with a troll and 'Norge' written on it.  J's now being called Norge (rhymes with George) by Mr Trifectagirl.

After visiting Grandpa and Auntie J, Mr Trifectagirl and I took J to baby playgroup for the first time today. Mr Trifectagirl spent most of the time on his phone, while I was down on the floor playing with J and the other babies.    There were lots of toys for a little boy to play with, and he seemed very popular with the ladies (young AND old!!). 

There was a group story, and songs and then we headed home.  It was enough to plum tucker out a baby boy, so he had a nice long nap when we got home.

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