Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Little Friends and Dodgy eyes.

I took baby J to playgroup today.  I enjoy playgroup - it's an hour and a half of entertainment each week I don't have to think of.  And there are a lot of cool toys (my opinion, not baby J's!!).  It was the first day of term, and there was a mum with her 9 month old boy O there for the first time (it was our second visit). 

It's the first time I've seen two youngsters take a shine to each other.  O kept crawling to J, J was attempting to roll in his direction.  Awwww.  My baby has his first little friend.

This followed Mr Trifectagirl taking J to the doctors this morning after we noticed that he has a turned-in eye.  The doctor was quite concerned, and advised to get it looked at quickly, so we hope we'll have a specialist appointment next week.

Although concerning, my parents went through the same thing with me.  My turned in eye was corrected by surgery when I was two.  Hopefully we've caught it early enough so that we don't have to deal with surgery.

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