Monday, 23 September 2013


In two days I have surgery, and I'm apprehensive about it.  I now have a sharpened perspective of what 'one in one thousand'  odds of something bad looks like.

Since Mr Trifectagirl died, each month I get sinus infections, and until recently off I'd go to the doctor for a script for antibiotics.  I've just taken so many now that some have stopped agreeing with me, and we need to keep a couple available for future use. 

A bit of investigating a number of months ago, including a CT scan, showed that I have quite compact sinuses, so anatomically they're more prone to infection than the average person.  As such, surgery to open them up was put on the table. 

Not liking the idea of surgery, I looked at alternatives and found acupuncture sessions every two weeks kept the infections in check. Then my acupuncturist went on holidays and BANG, hello sinus infection. 

That was enough to indicate that I should probably have the surgery.  It won't stop me getting sick with colds and such, but has a very high probability of stopping something like a common cold developing to a sinus infection as well.

One up-side to surgery, a night in hospital with someone else cooking, cleaning & no small person taking up half the bed. 

Pity it's only an overnight stay.