Sunday, 12 May 2013

Looking into the Future

A few weeks ago I found Mr Trifectagirl's high school report cards.  His grades were generally OK, particularly in the early years, but he was described as a 'distraction' in class and his grades began to reflect that as he got older.

Two thoughts from having found those reports:

1 - I would have HATED to be his teacher.

2 - A friend mentioned that I'm probably looking into the future.  She's probably right.

Friends who are choosing to send their children outside of the public school system are starting to look at schools, or receive offers of places at their chosen schools.  Competition can be stiff  for entry; one friend did a school tour recently planning for their 7 week old's primary school education.

Since J will start primary school in February 2016, I figured it's time to get off my butt and look at schools, both for primary and high school. For primary, I'm generally happy to send J to public school, but I've always preferred to go private for high school; Mr Trifectagirl wanted his old public school, which I wasn't too adverse to, but it wasn't my first choice.

So I did some research on the public primary school our house is zoned for.  It's what is known as a 'super school', where 4 smaller schools have been brought together onto one campus.  Although it's all new facilities, I'm not too impressed with the size. On the plus side, at least it's only "Birth to Year 7", not "Birth to Year 12" like many of the other new super schools Add that results in the national standardised testing place the school at the lower end of achievement and since it's a new amalgamation, there's no historical data to see if there is a trend of improvement, I'm just not comfortable with this school.  So I'm going for 'out of zone' enrollment for a couple of selected public schools, with hopes of moving into the relevant zone by the time school starts or at least within the first year. I just need to finish my own studies, then get a job so I can get a mortgage to move!

For middle and high school, this week I put is name down for one of the most elite (and therefore expensive) boys schools in the city.  With Mr Trifectagirl no longer with us, the structure this school will provide may well be needed, especially if J is likely to reproduce his father's report cards!  I've been asked why I'm getting his name on the list now for Year 7 entry in 2023. For entry at any level, the school gives preference to brothers of current scholars and sons and grandsons of old scholars.  Since J is in neither of these categories, I want his name as far up the 'unconnected' list as I can get it.  It doesn't mean we have to accept any place offered, but right now I need to set up the opportunity to get an opportunity to go there.

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  1. I can only go on my own experiences with a boisterous and distractible son. Unlike you, I have two children, the elder being an 18 year old girl. My son is now 14. Both went to local public primary school. It worked for us. I don't think a superschool would have. I don't like the idea of them. We opted for public high school, as well, and my daughter got a very high ATAR. My son is in Year 9 and bringing home As. Having said that, however, it is one of the so-called ivy league public schools and both children got into its music programme. Mr T's old school - which he and I share - is also one of the ivy league public schools. I think it's more a case when deciding schools of good vs mediocre, rather than public vs private. I'm glad to read you've signed J up to one of the better private schools; there are some I wouldn't touch. I feel the same about public; I think some are great but there are some I wouldn't touch either. I tend to think it's more dependent on the demographics of an area than public vs private. I didn't like either option in the part of town where I live; fortunately both children are good musically and could audition for a good public school. There is an outstanding private school only a couple of kms down the road from my son's outstanding public school. Speaks volumes about the area. Be nice to be able to afford to live there!!!