Tuesday, 15 January 2013

23 Months

I cannot believe that J is 23 months old. 

One month until he's 2. 

Where did the last 2 years go???  Don't answer that - a good chunk of last year was well and truely a write-off, as much as I tried to be conscious of J's growth and development while one stressed-out mamma about Mr Trifectagirl.

His favourite things at the moment are his wooden train set, water, baseball set, water, Fireman Sam, Lazy Town, Thomas, Giggle and Hoot, chasing mum with a spray bottle full of water, ice (frozen juice or frozen oranges or strawberries), bathtime.  This kid is a water baby.

Party plans are in full swing.  We're going to the same park as last year since it gives options for older kids to run around - and I suspect J will only stop long enough to inhale some cake that a friend is making for us, and get back into playing himself.

Gift wise he goes up to the toddler room at childcare on his birthday, so he'll get a new bag and hat on his birthday.  I also want to get him a sand pit, but that will have to happen later with grandpa's help.

Other gifts I've been told about are an easel, bathtub stickers, a quilt cover set and some size 2 clothes - and since it looks like he had a growth spurt Saturday, he'll be in them sooner rather than later, I think!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how fast it flies by! Can't believe he's almost 2...wow.