Friday, 1 June 2012

Round and round the hospital...

I've not been blogging the last couple of weeks as Mr Trifectagirl wound up back in ICU a few days after my last post.  

The stent had resulted in a slow leak type bleed, and he managed to bring up quite a bit of blood - in front of me.

The docs went in to see the source of the bleed, and decided that the stent needed to come out, but wouldn't as scar tissue had started to grow around it.  So he was taken to ICU again while they came up with a plan. 

They decided to put down a second stent with the hope that it would push said scar tissue out the way and free up stent #1 for removal.

Then we had some infection issues crop up, which he recovered from pretty quickly once they got meds into him.

He was meant to be in surgery today to remove both stents, but late yesterday they decided that it was just too dangerous to try.  Stent #1 is so embedded in his oesophagus, they risk too much damage that would be fatal if they tried to take it out.

So both stents are staying, with the hope that they eventually get enough scar tissue to seal the site and stop this bleeding.    If they continue to dribble as they have been, he'll simply get blood transfusions to top him back up - as long as there's blood available.   There is still a risk of a catastrophic failure/bleed, but taking the risk of that gives Mr Trifectagirl the best chance of getting as good a recovery from the stroke as is possible. And J and I to have a husband and father around as long as possible.

So basically his status at the moment is he's a stroke patient, with a medical glitch to manage. 

On a side note: J loves 'round and round the garden, like a teddy bear', and walking to the ICU after he'd been shifted back 'round and round the hospital, like Mr Trifectagirl' popped into my head.  Mr Trifectagirl didn't like the joke at all. Most other people, including the doctors in the ICU, thought it was clever.

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