Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm a Big Boy!!!

Yesterday was a big day in the Trifectagirl house-hold.  I turned 1!!

It was a special day si I woke up at 5:30am (a taste of Christmases to come, maybe??).  And crashed about 9am in a massive melt-down.

At least this nap enabled Mummy to finish making all the cakes and sandwiches and fruit skewers for my party and we headed off to the park.

Personally, I found mixing the ice with the dirt was the best bit of the party (and the picture is wonky)!

My Aunty Jenny made me a ladybug cake.  I LOOOVE the ladybug on Minuscule.

Mummy made me this tee-shirt, too.

Mummy made me a smash cake.  We don't have smash cakes in Australia, but Daddy doesn't like it when my hands are dirty.  I wanted a plate.

It was a fun party and I really, really needed to cuddle Big Teddy and sleep afterwards.

Happy Birthday to me!!


I am 1, I am NOT a baby

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