Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon

After following a number of my IF (infertility) friends, I've finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon.

The trifecta is having a great home/place to live; fantastic relationships (romantic as well as friends and family); and a job you love.  So far in my experience, I've never had all three at once, but in the majority, it's pretty good.

About 12 months ago, Mr Trifectagirl and I were preparing for our 2nd IVF cycle.  Baby boy J concieved that cycle is now 11 weeks old - and I am still generally sleep deprived and the house isn't the most organised!  But he is a joy and now full of baby giggles and big smiles most of the time and is adored by Mummy and Daddy.  What J doesn't enjoy is the stress Mummy's projecting as she finalises plans for her wedding to Daddy in 5 weeks time!  I have figured out that the fabric shop is one place J really doesn't like.

Wedding plans for Mr Trifectagirl and I's wedding are coming along well, albeit with a few stressors.  I'm starting to worry that some on-line orders may not make it in time - specifically one of the bridesmaid's dresses.  But local suppliers are slowly being bedded down, and paid for!!  Having a winter wedding does have it's advantages for short lead times and supplier availability.  Poor Mr Trifectagirl is now dealing with a stressed bride-to-be rather than a hormonal pregnant woman.  He's really not had a good year!

Our home is a small three bedroom place without enough storage, or even floor space as I start to consider J getting mobile sometime in the future.  There wasn't enough before J came into our lives.  There is even less now.  Both Mr Trifectagirl and I would love to move to a bigger home, however that requires jobs...

Mr Trifectagirl has been unemployed for about a year, but has two interviews next week.  Of course, after nothing for ages, he gets two interviews for the same day... at the same time.  That's now been sorted and he has two interviews on the same day at different times.  

I  miss working and the routine that goes with the structure of a work week, but am not looking to return to work until at least later this year.  When I left my last position, it was the end of my contract, so I will need to look for a new position when I want to start.  So, the job/career element of my trifecta is currently on hold.

So, of the trifecta - Home is ok, relationships are great (even if a tad stressed at the moment!), and job is non-existant.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! you may want to add yourself to a great list, started by a great gal this will let other IF'ers know you're out there & connect you with everyone. I've formed some great friendships & continue to get unending support from these awesome ladies!